Attending HPCA 2017


HPCA/PPoPP/CGO 2017 will be held in Hilton Austin!
Hilton Austin
500 E 4th St
Austin, TX 78701
Link is open:

Guests can also call in to 1-800-HILTONS and reference the following code: ICS

If you’re driving to Hilton, please check this page.

Student Travel Grant

If you are attending HPCA 2017 as a student in U.S. universities, you may be eligible for applying to the student travel grant. Please check the link:

Please email your student travel grant application for HPCA 2017 to Dr. Zhenman Fang ( by Jan. 11th.

For the NSF Student Travel Grant, please also cc Prof. Ronald Mak (


Visa Information

A visa is required to enter the United States for many nationalities. Please check with your local U.S. embassy/consulate whether this applies to you. In case a visa is required, please apply as soon as possible, as obtaining the visa may take several weeks.

The United States Department of State provides a list of countries that are participants in the Visa Waiver Program here. If you qualify, you will not need a letter.

If you need an invitation letter to HPCA 2017, you should register for the conference first and then contact Dr. Derek Chiou (derek @ Please note that we reserve the right to wait until the registration charges have cleared through the credit card system before issuing the letter.

Detailed Mailing Address:
Date of Birth:
Passport Number:

In case that you are the (co-) author of an accepted paper, provide the title information of your paper.